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Zinc Sulphate

Zinc Sulphate Sales and Supply

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What is Zinc Sulphate?

Zinc sulfate is an inorganic compound. It is naturally found in food and water. Zinc must be present in sufficient amounts in the blood in the human body. For this reason, it is used as a dietary supplement to treat zinc deficiency and prevent the condition in people at high risk.

The most common form contains water of crystallization as the heptahydrate with the formula ZnSO4 • 7H2O. It was historically known as "white vitriol". Zinc sulfate and its hydrates are white/colorless solids.

How is Zinc Sulphate produced?

Zinc sulfate is produced by treating almost any zinc-containing material (metal, minerals, oxides) with sulfuric acid.

Specific reactions include the reaction of the metal with aqueous sulfuric acid:

Zn + H2SO4 + 7H2O → ZnSO47H2O + H2

Pharmaceutical grade zinc sulfate is produced by treating high purity zinc oxide with sulfuric acid:

ZnO + H2SO4 + 6H2O → ZnSO47H2HE

In aqueous solution, all forms of zinc sulfate behave the same. These aqueous solutions consist of the metal aquo complex [Zn (H2O) 6] 2+ and SO42− ions. Barium sulfate is formed when these solutions are treated with solutions of barium ions:

ZnSO4 + BaCl2 → BaSO4 + ZnCl2

What does Zinc Sulphate look like?

It is available as white and granular powder.

What is the molecular formula of Zinc Sulphate?

Molecular Formula: ZnSO4

In which sectors is Zinc Sulphate used?

  • In the medicine and pharmaceutical industry
  • in the textile industry
  • in the electricity sector
  • in the painting area
  • In the leather industry
  • in the agricultural sector

What are the usage areas (processes) of Zinc Sulphate?

  •  In medicine, it is used in combination with oral rehydration therapy (ORT) and a blood thinner.
  • Hydrates, especially heptahydrates, are used commercially. They are most commonly used in the production of rayon. It is also the precursor of the lithophone pigment.
  • Zinc is used as an electrolyte for electroplating, a mordant in dyeing, and a preservative for leather.
  • Zinc sulfate is used to provide zinc in animal feeds, fertilizers, toothpastes, and agricultural sprays.
  • Zinc sulfate, like many zinc compounds, can be used to control algae growth on roofs.
  • It beautifies the appearance of fruits and vegetables. It also ensures the adhesion of the fruit in fruit trees.
  • It regulates the pH balance in the soil.

What is the Sales Price of Zinc Sulphate?

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Where Can You Buy Zinc Sulphate?

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