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Sodium Sulphide (Zirnik)

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What is Sodium Sulfide?

Sodium sulfide, also known as sodium sulfite, is a chemical substance with the chemical formula Na2S, which has an intense odor and is a strong reducing agent. Sodium sulfide is also known as zirnik. Sodium sulfide has moisture-retaining properties.

They are easily soluble in water and give strong alkaline solutions. Both anhydrous and hydrated salts are colorless solids. When exposed to moist air, Na2S and its hydrates emit hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs.

Endüstride yaygın olarak bulunan sodyum sülfür maddeleri yaklaşık %60 Na2S içerir. Bu tür teknik sınıflarda sodyum sülfür, poli-sülfür varlığı nedeniyle sarı bir görünüme sahiptir. Bu tür sodyum sülfür, sodyum sülfür pulları olarak pazarlanmaktadır. Suni kükürt banyolarının hazırlanması için kullanılan poli-sülfür maddesi sodyum sülfürün ısıtılması ile elde edilir.

Industrial sodium sulfide may be brown, pink or khaki in color when it contains impurities. Boiling and melting point, as well as its color, vary depending on the foreign materials it contains.

Sodium Sulfide (Zirnik) Appearance
Sodium Sulfide (Zirnik) Appearance

How is sodium sulfide produced?

Sodium sulfide is produced by carothermic reduction of sodium sulfate, often using coal. This method is called coal reduction method.

na2SO4 + 2 C → Na2S + 2 CO2

In the laboratory, salt can be prepared by reduction of sulfur with sodium in anhydrous ammonia or sodium in dry tetrahydrofuran with a catalytic amount of naphthalene.

2 Na + S → Na2S

While barium sulfate can be obtained by using the metathesis reaction of sodium sulfate and barium sulfate, sodium sulfate can also be obtained as a by-product by precipitation method.

Emme yöntemi ile de sodyum sülfür elde edilebilir. Emme yönteminde 380-420 g/L sodyum hidroksit çözeltisi ile %85 hidrojen sülfür gazı emilir ve buharlaştırmasının ardından sodyum sülfür ortaya çıkar.

Hydrochloric acid and sodium sulfide are mixed at the same rate to produce hydrogen sulfide gas.

Hydrogen cyanide is obtained by adding sodium or potassium cyanide to hydrochloric acid.

What does sodium sulfide look like?

The appearance of sodium sulfide is hygroscopic solid, granular structure, light yellow, foul (rotten egg-like) odor.

What is the molecular formula of sodium sulfide?

The molecular formula of sodium sulfide is Na2S.

In which industries is sodium sulfide used?

  • Ceramic Production Sector
  • Paper Industry
  • Textile sector
  • chemical photography
  • water treatment industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Leather Production
  • chemical industry

What are the sodium sulfide uses (processes)?

  • Sodium sulfide is used in kraft processing in the pulp and paper industry.
  • It is used in photography for toning black and white photos.
  • It is used as a bleaching agent in the textile industry.
  • It is used as a sulfonation and sulfomethylation agent in chemical manufacturing.
  • It is used in the production of rubber chemicals, sulfur dyes and other chemical compounds.
  • It is used in processes such as ore flotation, oil recovery, paint and detergent making.
  • It is used as an oxygen scavenger and metal precipitating agent in water treatment.
  • Sodium sulfide is used to suppress quartz in the ceramic production sector.
  • Sodium sulfide is used in the leather processing and tanning industry to shed hair.
  • Sodium sulfide is widely used in the metal industry. It is used for the sulphide treatment of sulfide minerals and non-metallic minerals such as metallic copper, zinc and lead in the flotation stage.
  • Sodium sulfide is used as a suppressant in the selective flotation of semi-noble metal ores.

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