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Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Carbonate Sales and Supply

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What is Sodium Carbonate?

Sodium carbonate is the inorganic compound with the formula Na2CO3 and various hydrates. It is also known by the names of washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals. All forms are white salts that are soluble in water and yield moderately alkaline solutions.

It was extracted from the ashes of plants growing in sodium-rich soils in history. Because the ashes of these sodium-rich plants were noticeably different from wood ashes, sodium carbonate became known as "soda ash." It was also used for potash production at the time.

Sodium carbonate is water-soluble and can occur naturally in arid regions, particularly in mineral deposits (evaporites) that form when seasonal lakes evaporate.

Sodium carbonate is produced in large quantities from sodium chloride and limestone by the Solvay process.

How is Sodium Carbonate produced?

First of all, sodium carbonate found in nature is extracted in the mining sector. Secondly, it can be obtained from seaweed and some salt-tolerant plant species.

Chemically, it is possible to obtain sodium carbonate by the Leblanc, Solvay and Hou processes. Sodium carbonate is obtained by treating various substances such as sodium chloride and ammonia at the beginning and passing through certain stages.

What does Sodium Carbonate look like?

Solid, white and hygroscopic

What is the molecular formula of Sodium Carbonate?

Molecular Formula: Na2CO3

In which sectors is Sodium Carbonate used?

  • glass production
  • water softener
  • Production of cleaning materials
  • toothpastes
  • Paper manufacture
  • animal hide processing
  • Brick and foundry industry
  • cotton production
  • Painting industry
  • Various chemical uses such as sodium bicarbonate production
  • Aquarium and swimming pools
  • pH regulator

What are the uses (processes) of Sodium Carbonate?

  • Sodium carbonate (or washing soda) is used as a cleaning agent for domestic purposes such as washing clothes. Sodium carbonate is a component of many dry soap powders.
  • It is used to remove temporary and permanent hardness of water.
  • It is used in the manufacture of soap and paper.
  • It is used in the manufacture of sodium compounds such as borax.
  • It is the most important chemical component that has been used for many years for glass production. Sodium carbonate and sand are combined and exposed to high heat shock and glass production takes place.
  • Hard water often contains dissolved compounds such as calcium or magnesium compounds. Sodium carbonate is used to remove temporary and permanent hardness of water. Since sodium carbonate is soluble in water and magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate are insoluble, it is used to soften water by removing Mg2+ and Ca2+.
  • Sodium carbonate is also used in various fields as a strong base. As a common alkali, it is preferred in many chemical processes as it is cheaper and much safer to use than NaOH. Its softness makes it easy to use especially in domestic applications, for example in washing machines.
  • It can be used for the treatment of burns in the human body.
  • It is used as a pH regulator to maintain stable alkaline conditions necessary for the action of most photographic film-developing agents.
  • It is a common additive in swimming pools and aquarium water to maintain the desired pH and carbonate hardness.
  • It is used in foam flotation to maintain a suitable pH along with CaO and other slightly basic compounds as a flotation conditioner.
  • Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) / baking soda, an ingredient in fire extinguishers, is usually produced from sodium carbonate.
  • Sodium carbonate is used to make sodium bisulfite (NaHSO3), which is used for the "sulfite" method to separate wood spirit from cellulose. This reaction is used in power plants to remove sulfur dioxide from flue gases.
  • Sodium carbonate is used in the cotton industry to neutralize the sulfuric acid required for acid dilution of fuzzy cottonseed.
  • Sodium carbonate is used in the brick industry as a wetting agent to reduce the amount of water needed to remove clay.
  • In casting, it is used as a "binding agent" and is used to ensure the adhesion of wet alginate to gelled alginate.
  • Sodium carbonate is used as a foaming and abrasive in toothpastes and to temporarily increase mouth pH.
  • Sodium carbonate is also used in the processing and tanning of animal hides.

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