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Nitric acid

Nitric Acid Sales and Supply

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What is Nitric Acid?

It is a strong corrosive acid with the chemical formula HN03.

Nitric acid is known as cezap in daily use. In Latin, it is called Aqua Fortis, which means strong water.

%86’dan daha fazla HNO3 barındıran nitrik asit çözeltileri dumanlı nitrik asit olarak isimlendirilir. Eğer çözeltinin oranı %95’ten fazlaysa beyaz dumanlı nitrik asit, %86 ile %95 arasında ise kırmızı dumanlı nitrik asit olarak adlandırılır. Ticari olarak piyasada olan nitrik asitlerin büyük bölümü %68 oranında bir konsantrasyona sahiptir.

How is nitric acid produced?

The first method in nitric acid production provides weak acid production by using condensation, absorption and oxidation methods.

In the second method, high concentration product is formed from weak acid after condensation, bleaching and dehydration processes.

What does nitric acid look like?

When nitric acid is pure, it is a colorless liquid at room temperature. However, since it is an unstable compound, it has a yellowish color when it decomposes into oxides of water and nitrogen (nitrogen dioxide) at room temperature. It can even turn red at higher temperatures.

It can be dissolved in water directly.

Nitric acid should not be inhaled directly, it may cause suffocation.

The boiling point of nitric acid, which has a melting point of -41.5 °C, is 120.5 °C.

Due to its light and thermal decomposition, nitric acid is mostly stored in dark glass bottles.

What is the molecular formula of nitric acid?

The molecular formula of nitric acid is HNO3.

In which sectors is nitric acid used?

  • Agriculture Sector
  • Cleaning Industry
  • Plastic Production
  • Metal Industry
  • Food Production Industry
  • Milk and Dairy Products Production Facilities

What are the nitric acid uses (processes)?

  • It is used for the production of agricultural fertilizers as an important industrial acid.
  • It is used as a strong descaler in the cleaning industry.
  • It is used in the manufacture of explosives and fireworks.
  • As the strongest chemical in terms of nitrate source, it is used in the production of Calcium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate and Potassium Nitrate fertilizers.
  • It is used for cleaning heat exchangers in the food production sector and combi boilers.
  • It is used in cleaning processes in dairy production facilities.
  • It is used for cleaning and polishing stainless pipes.
  • It is used in water purification systems.
  • It is used in the production of plastic materials such as plastic, polyurethane and nylon.
  • It is used in etching and purification of metals.
  • It can be used to eliminate problems in the stomach and intestines of birds.
  • It is used as a cleaning material in making silver mirrors.

What is the Nitric Acid Sales Price?

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Where Can I Buy Nitric Acid?

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