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Naphthalene Sulfonate

Naphthalene Sulfonate Sales and Supply

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What is Naphthalene Sulfonate?

Naphthalene sulfonate, an effective anionic dispersant, is used for pigmentation and dyestuffs. It is used as a dispersant, wetting enhancer and leveling agent of some paints.

It is a low foaming material with high heat stabilization. It shows high resistance against alkali and acids. Even a small amount allows the paint to be dispersed easily and the paint pigments to be well absorbed.

Naphthalene sulfonate, resistant to acids, salts and alkalis, has good heat stability.

Naphthalene sulfanate, which remains stable at temperatures above 100 °C, maintains its ability to disperse the dye in the pH range of 2-12.

What does Naphthalene Sulfonate look like?

It is available as a light brown powder.

What is the molecular formula of Naphthalene Sulfonate?

Molecular Formula: CH2(C10H6SO3)2 or C21H14O6S2Na2

In which sectors is Naphthalene Sulfonate used?

  • Construction and building industry
  • paint industry
  • fertilizer industry

What are the usage areas (processes) of Naphthalene Sulfonate?

  • It is used in the construction of underwater concrete, ready-mixed concrete and self-compacting concrete.
  • It is used as an ingredient in the production of extra-strong concrete for the construction of bridges, dams and skyscrapers.
  • It is used in the production of products such as fly ash concretes, lightweight concretes, high slag concretes and concrete paste.
  • It can be found in the content of fertilizers to prevent caking.
  • Boyar maddeler için dağtıcı ve düzeyleme ajanı olarak kullanılır. Boya pigmentasyonunun iyi emdirilmesini sağlayarak, boyama kalitesini arttırır. Dispers boya dağıtıcısı, %10-50 aralığında naftalin sülfonat eklenmesi durumunda boyar maddenin dağılım, ıslanabilirlik, öğütme özelliklerinde iyileşme görülür. Diğer süspansiyon ve emülsiyonlara katılmadan önce pigment ve doldurucular SNS ile suda dağıtılmalıdır.
  • The process of decreasing fluidity and dispersion in paint is possible in cement. It provides fluidity in the concrete and allows the concrete to be dispersed smoothly without gaps. Thus, the strength of concrete increases and its segregation is prevented.
  • It is also used in fluid mortars prepared for repair.
  • It is a precipitator for cationic materials and a coating stabilizer for basic paints.
  • It is used to separate abrasive powders in emulsion-type cleaners and polishers.
  • It is possible to use as an auxiliary brightener for alkaline silver electrolytes in the content of spray oil cleaners.
  • It prevents the formation of deposits in the emulsion polymerization of synthetic rubbers by being added in emulsifier mixtures.

What is the Naphthalene Sulfonate Sales Price?

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Where Can I Buy Naphthalene Sulfonate?

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