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Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

reverse osmosis membranes clogged over time due to pollutants in the water. These blockages occur due to 3 physical, chemical or biological effects. The best time for chemical cleaning of the membranes is; is when the recovery efficiency is decreased by or the pressure difference is increased by . This operation is correct membrane cleaning chemicals with is mandatory.

Chemical cleaning of the membranes should not be done in a certain period. Frequent chemical washing before its time damages the membrane structure and reduces the life of the membrane. In case of late chemical cleaning of the membranes, cleaning of the membrane surfaces becomes difficult and the structure of the membranes is damaged.

Before the membrane cleaning process is performed, the reason for the clogging of the membrane should be found and a formulation should be made accordingly. Membrane washing work accompanied by a procedure SoleChem should be accompanied by the authorities. True membrane cleaning chemicals Selection is the most important step in this process.

There are 3 types of membrane cleaning chemicals;

  1. Alkaline Cleaning Chemical
  2. Acidic Cleaning Chemical
  3. Biological (Disinfectant)
  • Iron and manganese oxide / hydroxide cleaning,
  • Cleaning of deposits containing carbonate, phosphate, sulfate and fluoride,
  • Cleaning of colloidal silica and silicate,
  • Cleaning of biological reproductions and sludge,
  • Cleaning of heavy organic agglomerations, cationic polymers and hydrocarbons is carried out.