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Manganese DiOxide

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What is Manganese Dioxide?

Manganese dioxide is the inorganic compound with the formula MnO2. MnO2 is mainly used in dry cell batteries such as alkaline batteries and zinc-carbon batteries. MnO2 is also used in other manganese compounds such as KMnO4 as a pigment and precursor. It is used in organic synthesis, for example as a reagent for the oxidation of allylic alcohols. MnO2 is a polymorph a which can include various atoms (as well as water molecules) in "tunnels" or "channels" between manganese oxide octahedra.

How is Manganese Dioxide produced?

It contains naturally occurring manganese dioxide, impurities and significant amounts of manganese (III) oxide. Only a limited number of residues contain the γ modification of sufficient purity for the battery industry.

The manufacture of batteries and ferrites (two of the primary uses of manganese dioxide) requires high purity manganese dioxide. Batteries require "electrolytic manganese dioxide" while ferrites require "chemical manganese dioxide".

The chemical production of manganese dioxide is achieved by various methods. The first method starts with natural manganese dioxide and converts it into a manganese(II) nitrate solution using dinitrogen tetroxide and water. Evaporation of the water leaves the crystalline nitrate salt. At temperatures of 400 ° C, the salt decomposes, releasing N2O4 and leaving a residue of purified manganese dioxide.

In the second method, manganese dioxide is carothermically reduced to manganese (II) oxide, which is dissolved in sulfuric acid. The filtered solution is treated with ammonium carbonate to precipitate MnCO3. The carbonate is calcined in air to obtain a mixture of manganese (II) and manganese (IV) oxides. To complete the process, a suspension of this material in sulfuric acid is treated with sodium chlorate. Chloric acid formed in situ converts any Mn(III) and Mn(II) oxides to dioxide and releases chlorine as a byproduct.

Another manganese dioxide process consists of manganese heptoxide and manganese monoxide combining in a 1:3 ratio to form manganese dioxide.

What does Manganese Dioxide look like?

It is a black solid.

What is the molecular formula of Manganese Dioxide?

Molecular Formula: MnO2

In which sectors is Manganese Dioxide used?

  • Battery and ferrite production
  • Ceramic and glass industry
  • chemical industry

What are the usage areas (processes) of Manganese Dioxide?

  • The main use of manganese dioxide is in the manufacture of batteries. It is used in the production of alkaline batteries and zinc carbon batteries. Electrolytic manganese dioxide is needed in battery making.
  • It is used as an inorganic pigment in the production of ceramics and glass.
  • Manganese dioxide is also used in reduction and oxidation reactions in chemical laboratories.

What is the Manganese DiOxide Sales Price?

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Where Can Manganese DiOxide Be Purchased?

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