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Lithium Carbonate

Lithium Carbonate Sales and Supply

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What is lithium carbonate?

Lithium carbonate is an inorganic compound that is the lithium salt of carbonate with the formula Li2CO3. This white salt is widely used in the processing of metal oxides and as a medicine for the treatment of mood disorders.

It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most important drugs needed in a primary health care system for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

How is Lithium Carbonate produced?

Lithium is extracted mainly from two sources: spodumene in pegmatite deposits and lithium salts in underground brine pools. Approximately 82,000 tons were produced in 2020 and showed significant growth.

From underground salt water reservoirs; from geothermal brine, ore; It can be produced from clay and batteries that have completed their life.

Natural lithium carbonate is known as zabuyelite. This mineral is associated with sediments of some salt lakes and some pegmatites.

What is the molecular formula of Lithium Carbonate?

Molecular Formula: Li2CO

In which sectors is Lithium Carbonate used?

  • batteries
  • Glass Industry
  • Production of household products, baking
  • Medicine and pharmaceutical industry
  • Fireworks

What are the usage areas (processes) of Lithium Carbonate?

  • Lithium carbonate is an important industrial chemical. Its main use is as a precursor to compounds used in lithium-ion batteries. Glasses made from lithium carbonate are useful in ovenware. Lithium carbonate is a common ingredient in both low fire and high fire ceramic glazes. Forms low melting point streams with silica and other materials. Its alkaline properties are suitable for changing the state of metal oxide colorants, especially red iron oxide (Fe2O3), in glaze. Cement sets faster when prepared with lithium carbonate and is useful for tile adhesives. When aluminum is added to trifluoride, it forms LiF, which provides a superior electrolyte for processing aluminum.
  • The main use of lithium carbonate (and lithium hydroxide) is as a precursor to lithium compounds used in lithium-ion batteries. In practice, two components of the battery are made with lithium compounds: the cathode and the electrolyte. The electrolyte is a solution of lithium hexafluorophosphate, while the cathode uses one of several lithium structures, the most popular of which are lithium cobalt oxide and lithium iron phosphate. Lithium carbonate can be converted to lithium hydroxide before being converted to the above compounds.
  • In 1843, lithium carbonate was used as a new solvent for stones in the bladder. In 1859, some doctors recommended treatment with lithium salts for a number of ailments, including gout, urinary stones, rheumatism, mania, depression, and headaches.
  • In 1948, John Cade discovered the anti-manic effects of lithium ions. This finding led to the use of lithium, particularly lithium carbonate, to treat mania associated with bipolar disorder. Lithium carbonate is used as a psychiatric medication to treat mania, the higher phase of bipolar disorder. Lithium ions interfere with ion transport processes that transmit and amplify messages carried to brain cells. Mania is associated with irregular increases in protein kinase C (PKC) activity in the brain. Lithium carbonate and sodium valproate, another drug traditionally used to treat the disorder, act by inhibiting the activity of PKC in the brain and help produce other compounds that also inhibit PKC.
  • There are risks and side effects to taking lithium salts. Long-term use of lithium to treat various mental disorders is known to lead to acquired nephrogenic diabetes insipidus. Lithium poisoning can affect the central nervous system and kidney system and can be fatal.
  • Lithium carbonate is used to give fireworks a red color.

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