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Liquid Paraffin

Liquid Paraffin Sales and Supply

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What is Liquid (Liquid) Paraffin?

Liquid paraffin, also known as Paraffinum Liquidum or Russian mineral oil, is a highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics and medicine. Cosmetic or medical liquid paraffin should not be confused with paraffin used as fuel. It is a transparent, colorless, almost odorless and oily liquid consisting of saturated hydrocarbons derived from petroleum.

The term paraffinum perliquidum is sometimes used to denote light liquid paraffin, while the term paraffinum subliquidum is sometimes used to denote a thicker mineral oil.

How is Liquid (Liquid) Paraffin produced?

Liquid paraffin is produced from saturated hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. Paraffin waxes contain 3 to 20 percent oil. Sulfuric acid and clay are used for paraffin purification. With this process, taste and odor can be improved.

What does Liquid (Liquid) Paraffin look like?

It is a transparent, colorless and oily liquid.

What is the molecular formula of Liquid (Liquid) Paraffin?

Molecular Formula: CnH2n+2

In which sectors is Liquid (Liquid) Paraffin used?

  • medical
  • Cosmetic
  • textile

What are the usage areas (processes) of Liquid (Liquid) Paraffin?

  • Liquid paraffin is primarily used in medicine as a pediatric laxative and is a widely used treatment for relieving constipation. The drug is convenient to synthesize because of the ease of titration. The drug has the effect of softening the stool and covers the intestine with an oily film. Therefore, it reduces the pain caused by certain conditions such as hemorrhoids. These properties make the drug ideal for chronic childhood constipation and encopresis when high doses or long-term use is required.
  • There is no consensus on the safety of the drug for children. The drug is widely accepted for the treatment of childhood constipation in North America and Australia, while in the United Kingdom the drug is used much less frequently. The drug is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the North American Society of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, and the latter organization outlines it as the first choice for the management of pediatric constipation. It is strongly recommended not to use the drug in cases where the patient is neurologically impaired or has potential swallowing dysfunction due to possible respiratory complications. Lipoid pneumonia due to mineral oil aspiration is therefore a known serious complication of this drug and the medical practitioner should have a high awareness of the potential dangers of inappropriate mineral oil use. Some go so far as to say that it should never be used in children because of this risk.
  • Liquid paraffin is also used in combination with magnesium as an osmotic laxative, sold under the trade name Mil-Par (among others).
  • Additionally, it can be used as a release agent, binder or lubricant on capsules and tablets.
  • Liquid paraffin is a moisturizing and cleansing agent. For this reason, it is used in many skin and hair products in cosmetics. It is often seen in skin masks, hand and foot care products.
  • Liquid paraffin is also used as one of the components of post-wax cleaning wipes.
  • Liquid paraffin is used as an insulation material in the textile industry. It prevents materials from permeating water or air.
  • It is also used as an anti-wear agent in paraffin yarns. It provides lubricity to the yarn and prevents deformation due to friction.

Liquid Paraffin (Liquid Paraffin) – What is the Sale Price of Paraffin Oil?

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Liquid Paraffin (Liquid Paraffin) – Where Can You Buy Paraffin Oil?

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