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LABSA Sales and Supply

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What is LABSA?

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid, also known as LABSA, is a synthetic chemical surfactant, a widely used industrial detergent. Used in washing powder, detergent powder, oil soap, cleaning powder and detergent cake.

LABSA is an anionic surfactant whose molecules are characterized by a hydrophilic and hydrophobic group. This non-volatile chemical compound is synthesized through the sulfonation process. Sulfonation reagents include sulfuric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, sulfamic acid and diluted sulfur trioxide.

The properties of LABSA differ in chemical and physical properties depending on the length of the alkyl chain. This results in formulations that find many applications. The resulting surfactants are used in the chemical industry to improve the contact between water and minerals.

Most anionic surfactants, including LABSA, are non-toxic in nature. However, prolonged exposure to these surfactants can irritate and damage the skin through disruption of the lipid membrane that protects the skin and other cells. On the other hand, biodegradability is determined by the hydrophobic hydrocarbon group of the surfactant.

LABSA is one of the largest synthetic surfactants by volume due to its low cost and high performance. Apart from that, LABSA can be dried in the form of a stable powder. This chemical is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

How is LABSA produced?

LABSA is obtained after the reaction of LAB, which is Linear Alkyl Benzene, with SO3. This process is called sulfonation.

What does the LABSA look like?

In liquid form, it is orange, light brown in color.

What is the molecular formula of LABSA?

Molecular Formula: CH3(CH2)11C6H4SO3H

In which sectors is LABSA used?

  • Production of cleaning products
  • Production of personal care products
  • Agrochemicals
  • textile sector

What are the LABSA usage areas (processes)?

  • LABSA is mainly used in the detergent industry in the production of washing powder, detergent powder, detergent tablet, liquid soap, oil soap, scouring stick and cleaning powder. This chemical finds application in anionic special formulations.
  • The quality of pesticide sprays can be improved by using LABSA.
  • Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is used as a washing and mercerizing agent in the textile industry.
  • The watercolor surface area is increased using LABSA.
  • It is used in small quantities as a wetting agent and also as an emulsifier, together with other surfactants, for lathering toilet soaps.
  • Thanks to its high active substance content and low salt content and miscibility with water, LABSA is used in the polymerization of emulsions and in the production of binding agents, emulsifiers, pesticides, household and industrial cleaners.

What is the Labsa Sale Price?

You can call us to learn about the current LABSA sales prices and take advantage of the best prices.

Where Can LABSA Be Purchased?

As SoleChem Kimya, we sell and supply LABSA.