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Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide Sales and Supply

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What is Iron Oxide?

Iron oxides are chemical compounds composed of iron and oxygen. There are sixteen known iron oxides and oxyhydroxides, the best known of which is rust, a type of iron(III) oxide.

Iron oxides and oxyhydroxides are common in nature and play an important role in many geological and biological processes. They are used in iron ores, pigments, catalysts and termite, and are found in hemoglobin. Iron oxides are inexpensive and durable pigments used in paints, coatings and colored concrete. Iron oxides are in four groups according to their color pigments and chemical contents. These are divided into okr, ombra, cyan and red iron oxides. Of these, arrows are yellow to red; ombras are in shades of brown; cyenas appear from yellow to orange.

When used as a food colouring, its E number is E172.

How Is Iron Oxide Produced?

Natural iron oxide pigments emerge from magnetite. Spain and the USA are the countries that produce the most iron oxide.

Today, synthetic iron oxide pigments are widely produced in chemical media.

First of all, synthetic red iron oxide production can be done by four different methods. One of them is carried out by chemical dissolution, while the remaining three are by the principle of calcination. As a result of these methods, very different shades of red pigment can be produced.

The production of yellow pigments, on the other hand, enables the production of yellow pigment in different shades from orange to light yellow as a result of three different processes.

Brown pigments are obtained by three methods. The first of these is direct precipitation. The second is the production of synthetic black pigment by a controlled reaction. The third method is by mixing yellow, red and black pigments.

Black oxides are produced by a similar method with yellow.

How Does Iron Oxide Appear?

In different colors, in powder form

What is the Molecular Formula of Iron Oxide?

Molecular Formula: Fe2O3

In Which Sectors Is Iron Oxide Used?

  • In paint production and coloring
  • in making ceramics
  • In the production of rubber parquet and floors
  • In the production of linings
  • In the art of stone painting
  • Coloring of concrete
  • In the paper production industry

What are the Iron Oxide Usage Areas (Processes)?

  • It is used in many fields of painting and handicrafts because it is water-soluble in different colors.
  • Because it is an affordable pigment, it is used for coloring purposes in the production of products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bricks, mortars, inks, tiles and rubbers.
  • Hematite is used in primary dyeing processes due to its low oil absorption and large size.
  • Processed natural iron oxide is used in the production of electronic and magnetic inks.
  • In the corrosion control of the lamellar film structure, micaceous iron oxide or a specular hematite plated iron oxide is used.
  • Finely ground hematite, which has abrasive properties, is used as a polishing agent for polishing jewellery.
  • Hematite is also used in drilling mud thanks to its specific gravity.

What is the Iron Oxide Sales Price?

You can call us to learn the current iron oxide sales prices and take advantage of the best prices.

Where Can I Buy Iron Oxide?

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