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Iron Manganese Trap Filters

Iron and manganese are retained in catalytic mineral sand filters. While the well water is emptied into the tank, chlorine or other oxidant chemicals are given to the water to oxidize and disinfect the water waiting in the tank. Stored water iron manganese filter It is filled into the existing water tank by passing through the There are minerals with high iron and manganese holding capacity specially designed by SoleChem® in the filters.

SoleChem® designed by chemical engineers iron manganese trap filters yüksek oranda demir ve mangan giderimi yapar, demir giderimi %99 üzerinde, mangan gideriminde ise %95 lere ulaşılmaktadır.  Suyunuzun kimyasal içeriğine göre en uygun filtrasyon tasarımı mühendislerimiz tarafından yapılır.