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Hydrofluoric Acid

Hydrofluoric Acid Sales and Supply

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What is Hydrofluoric Acid?

Hydrofluoric acid is a solution of hydrogen fluoride (HF) in water. HF solutions are colorless, acidic and highly corrosive. It is used to make most fluorine-containing compounds; Examples include the widely used antidepressant drug fluoxetine (Prozac) and Teflon. Elemental fluorine is produced from hydrofluoric acid. It is often used to etch glass and silicon wafers.

Hydrofluoric acid causes deep burns when it comes into contact with human skin.

Due to its high reactivity towards glass, hydrofluoric acid is stored in plastic containers.

Hydrofluoric acid is released into nature in volcanic eruptions.

How is Hydrofluoric Acid produced?

Hydrofluoric acid was first prepared by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1771. It is currently mainly produced by treating the mineral fluorite CaF2 with concentrated sulfuric acid at 265°C.

CaF2 + H2SO4 → 2 HF + CaSO4

The acid is also a byproduct of phosphoric acid production from apatite/fluoroapatite. Digestion of the mineral with sulfuric acid at high temperatures releases a mixture of gases, including hydrogen fluoride, which can be recovered.

What does Hydrofluoric Acid look like?

Colorless clear liquid

What is the molecular formula of Hydrofluoric Acid?

Molecular Formula: HF(aqua)

In which sectors is Hydrofluoric Acid used?

  • Production of organofluorine compounds
  • Production of inorganic fluoride
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Dentist
  • Analysis of organic fossiliferous rocks
  • Abrasive/etching, cleaner
  • oil refining

What are the uses (processes) of Hydrofluoric Acid?

  • The main use of hydrofluoric acid is in organofluorine chemistry. Many organofluorine compounds, including refrigerants such as Teflon, fluoropolymers, fluorocarbons, and freon, are prepared using HF as the fluorine source.
  • Many medicines contain fluorine.
  • Most high volume inorganic fluoride compounds are prepared from hydrofluoric acid. Chief among these are Na3AlF6, cryolite and AlF3, aluminum trifluoride. A molten mixture of these solids acts as a high-temperature solvent for metallic aluminum production.
  • Other inorganic fluorides prepared from hydrofluoric acid include sodium fluoride and uranium hexafluoride.
  • It is used as a key component of Wright Etch and buffered oxide processing, which is used to clean silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry.
  • It is also used to shape glass by treating it with silicon dioxide to form gaseous or water-soluble silicon fluorides.
  • Hydrofluoric Acid can also be used to polish and freeze glass.
  • % 5 to % 9 hydrofluoric acid gel is used in dentistry to strengthen the adhesion of all ceramic dental restorations to the palate.
  • It is used in the contents of household rust cleaner products.
  • Hydrofluoric acid is used in front circuit boilers producing high pressure steam.
  • Hydrofluoric acid is also useful for dissolving rock samples prior to analysis.
  • It is used in acid macerations to extract organic fossils from silicate rocks.
  • In a standard petroleum refining process known as alkylation, isobutane is alkylated with low molecular weight alkenes (essentially a mixture of propylene and butylene) in the presence of an acid catalyst derived from hydrofluoric acid. The catalyst protons alkenes (propylene, butylene) to produce reactive carbocations that alkylate isobutane.

What is the Sales Price of Hydrofluoric Acid?

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Where Can Hydrofluoric Acid Be Purchased?

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