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Chromic Acid

Chromic Acid Sales and Supply

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What is Chromic Acid?

Chromic acid solution is a type of acid that consists of a mixture of concentrated sulfuric acid with dichromate and can contain many different compounds such as solid chromium trioxide. Chromic acid is a very good cleaner for windows.

Chromic acid can also refer to the molecular species H2CrO4 where the trioxide is anhydride.

Chromic acid contains chromium in the +6-valent oxidation state, which is a strong and corrosive oxidizing agent. Since it is not a stable compound, it reacts with itself and turns into dichromatic acid. Chromic acid has a melting point of 197 degrees and due to its chemical properties, it absorbs moisture from the air and decomposes slowly when it melts. It is very soluble in organic solvents such as chromic acid, pyridine, ether, acetic acid and water.

Chromic acid is a strong acid solution that can also be used for oxidation. It can be corrosive and harmful to living species such as animals and plants. There is a possibility of creating a massive explosion if it comes into contact with an organic compound or through reduction.

It should be stored in a dry and cool environment. It should be protected from heat and direct sunlight.

How is chromic acid produced?

The formula of chromic acid solution is H2CrO4 and it is obtained by dissolving chromium trioxide, whose formula is CrO3, in water.

What does chromic acid look like?

Red-Brown Crystalline Powder

What is the molecular formula of chromic acid?


In which sectors is chromic acid used?

  • Chemical Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Ceramics and Glass Making
  • Metal Industry
  • Paint and Ink Production
  • Rubber Making

What are the uses (processes) of chromic acid?

  • In the chemical industry, chromic acid is used for the manufacture of chromates, the salt form of this substance.
  • The area where chromic acid is used most in the market is the chrome plating process.
  • It is used as a caustic agent in the medical industry.
  • It is used during the glazing process during the production stages of handicrafts such as carving and ceramics.
  • It is used in the coloring phase of the glass production process.
  • Chromic acid is used in the cleaning of metals.
  • It is used in paint and ink production.
  • It is used as a pigment in the production of rubber material.

What is the selling price of chromic acid?

You can call us to learn the current chromic acid sales prices and take advantage of the best prices.

Where can chromic acid be bought?

As SoleChem Chemistry, we sell and supply chromic acid.