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What is antiscalant (Antiscalant)?

What are Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Osmosis is the passage of water from a less dense medium to a denser medium over a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis, on the other hand, is the process of obtaining water close to pure water by separating the ions, micro particles and heavy metals in the water with the pressure applied to the water.

When it comes to water treatment systems, reverse osmosis systems, which will definitely come across, are used in the treatment of contaminated water from different sources such as sea, network, lake, rain water, medical, dialysis, textile, food and beverage, jewelry, cosmetics, tourism, plastic industry, glass, It is used as a superior water treatment technology in many sectors such as coating, steam boilers.

Considering that today's water resources are limited, it is very important to recycle and clean water with reverse osmosis systems in order to use the limited surface and underground water resources on earth in the most efficient way.

What are Membrane Surfaces?

The insulating material that prevents the passage of water to different parts of the surfaces that are always in contact with water is called a membrane. Membrane surfaces are also used in reverse osmosis systems, which is a water purification technology.

Considering large factories and facilities, it is important that membrane materials are very durable and long-lasting. In order to ensure long-term and efficient use of membrane surfaces and to prevent possible malfunctions, situations such as contamination, accumulation and calcification that may occur on these surfaces must be prevented. This is where antiscalants come into play.

What is Antiscalant?

antiscalantReverse osmosis systems are chemicals that are given to water so that components such as magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate, which can cause clogging in the membranes, do not accumulate on these surfaces.

If we look at the word meaning of antiscaling, it is formed by the combination of the words 'anti' and 'scale' in English and has a meaning close to the concept of 'tartar / stone preventer'.

Why is Antiscalant Used in Reverse Osmosis Systems?

As we mentioned in the introduction, reverse osmosis systems are systems for the purification of water. In the operation of reverse osmosis systems, while the ions (minerals) in the water are greatly reduced in the water produced by the reverse osmosis device, the ions in the water left by the device as waste increase almost four times the original amount of water. However, since the amount of minerals that the water can contain as ions is limited, the excess minerals here crystallize on the reverse osmosis membranes and impair the permeability and functioning of the membranes. For this reason, this blockage and malfunction should be prevented by means of antiscalant chemicals.

Antiscalants ensure optimum utilization of reverse osmosis membranes.

What Does Antiscalant Do?

It is an inhibitor of crystalline salts (such as CaCO3, SrSO4, CaSO4, BrSO4) thanks to its antiscalants, lime and pollution dissolving capacity. In this way, it ensures that the membranes in reverse osmosis systems remain clean and that they are used for a long time. Different antiscalant formulas are used for different membrane surfaces, depending on the variables of the water and reverse osmosis system. For this reason, the correct and professional use of the antiscalant chemical formula is very important for the long-lasting use and clogging of the membrane surfaces.

What is the chemical formula and content of antiscalant?

Membrane surfaces are contaminated by the precipitation of crystals such as silica, magnesium, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, and calcium carbonate. The type and amount of antiscalant to be used in cleaning these membrane surfaces; It is determined by considering variables such as the temperature of the raw water, its chemical analysis, pH level, whether it has been softened beforehand, the waste rate of the reverse osmosis device or the amount of feed water of the device.

antiscalant dosage, reverse osmosis membranes It is one of the commonly used pre-treatment processes for the purpose of protection.

The type of antiscaling is selected by SoleChem officials depending on the raw water structure and reverse osmosis system operating conditions. Dosing amount and concentration of the selected chemical are calculated according to the reverse osmosis system design and operating conditions. All necessary adjustments for the most efficient operation of the membrane system are made by SoleChem officials.

Antiscalant as a mining chemical: It is vitally important that pipelines and heat exchangers are not blocked in mines where water is used extensively. Against all kinds of deposit formations that directly affect your process; SoleChem Chemistry provides high protection with products specially formulated for your water character.

Antiscalant in industrial water treatment processes: Choosing the right antiscalant is vital to protect the pipelines through which the cooling water passes and the heat exchanger surfaces against deposit formation. With its advanced laboratories and expert engineers, SoleChem Chemistry can design special antiscalants for water characteristics.

Antiscalant Properties and Benefits

  1. The use of sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid decreases and the risks that may occur with the use of these chemicals are reduced.
  2. As the chemical cleaning time will increase, there will be lower operating costs.
  3. A higher rate of recovery is also achieved.
  4. There is a decrease in the concentration flow.
  5. Membrane life is increased, so the system works longer.

What is the Antiscalant Sale Price?

You can call us to find out the current antiscalant sales prices and take advantage of the best prices.

Where Can Antiscalant Be Purchased?

As SoleChem Kimya, we sell and supply antiscalants.