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SoleCarb Activated Carbon

Highly efficient, reliable and affordable activated carbon.

Powder, Granular and Pellet Activated Carbon options

Continuous Product Continuity and Stability

Fast Sales and Direct Supply from Stock

25 / 50 / 500 Kg. Flexible Packaging

Consultancy and Support in Usage Processes

With 8 Years of Solechem Experience in the Industry...

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Park Elektrik Ciner Reference
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Powder Activated Carbon Sales
Granular Activated Carbon Sales
Pellet Activated Carbon Sales

SoleCarb for Activated Carbon Supply

Continuous Product Continuity

As SoleCarb, we are constantly updating our stocks in order to quickly meet the activated carbon needs of our customers.

Continuous Product Stability

SoleCarb also works to ensure that the activated carbon products it provides to its customers are continuous and stable.

Stock Sales and Direct Supply

Since SoleCarb sells and supplies directly from its own stocks, it offers quick solutions to customer needs.

Professional Process Consulting

As SoleCarb, we offer fast and professional support to customer problems with the knowledge and experience of SoleChem Chemistry.