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about us

SoleChem® Chemistry is an R&D, production and marketing company serving every sector in order to supply all chemicals used in industries.

SoleChem Chemistry 2013It has set the target to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in order to realize its establishment vision in the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets where it has been operating since. In this context, in order not to disrupt the production processes of its customers; always works in stock and in a planned manner.

Thanks to its wide chemical product range, strong logistics and storage network, high production capacity and initiative employees, SoleChem can quickly meet the needs of its customers. With the strong customer and supplier relations it has established, it offers a sustainable solution to its business partners in industrial chemicals. Bringing a new business approach to the chemical industry by raising standards and offering innovative solutions to its business partners both domestically and internationally. SoleChem 2022 total as of to 23 countries is exporting.

Serving its stakeholders in the petroleum, automotive, paper, textile, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, construction and energy sectors, SoleChem uses its knowledge to find the most optimal solutions for its business partners. By owning every project it is involved in, it starts at the design stage, based on its past similar experiences, to offer a better production process to its business partners with a win-win philosophy. The success stories of SoleChem teams to date have been realized thanks to a strong financial structure, the right product, quality & timely service and reasonable price policy.

our vision

To make our world cleaner and more livable by protecting people and our vital natural resources.

Our Mission

To provide services in the international arena as an innovative and reliable business partner that always raises the standards in what we do.

Our Values

Being solution-oriented and flexible; Always approaching his work technically; Not to deviate from your goals even in the most difficult conditions.